Refund Policy

Please note: All credit transfer purchases are final and will not be refunded. In case your app develops a technical fault you should always contact customer service between the hours of 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri UK working hours, if a technical issue cannot be resolved, we will endeavor to refund your credit upon confirmation from the technical team that only a credit refund can resolve the issue and confirmation that the fault cannot be resolved. Where there is only a partial balance a credit may be applied in the case that we can not match the denomination of the remaining credit balance. In the case where payment is taken and no credit is allocated it is the purchasers responsibility to notify Fono upon which time the required credit and app access details will be delivered immediately.

We will issue a full credit or a refund only in the following circumstance:

(a) In case you have not used the credit or is unusable credit that you have bought and is brought to our notice within 24 hours of purchase.

(b) Mobile Credit Transfers or balance share transfers after the purchase are final - and are NON REFUNDABLE.

Fono will not accept responsibility in the case that any service is suspended or the loss of service due to any bankruptcy or liquidation of any of the incumbent telecom operators around the world. In such case Fono will provide you with the company details related to the provider of the service relating to the number you may have called.